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Discover the Delights of Sea Harvest at the Gascoyne Food Festival

If you’re a seafood lover, the 2024 Gascoyne Food Festival is a must-attend event, especially for the chance to savour the exceptional seafood from Sea Harvest. Working in the pristine waters of Western Australia, Sea Harvest has become a beacon of sustainability, quality, and community involvement, making it a standout participant in the festival.

Sea Harvest’s seafood is famously "Seasoned by the Sea." The unique flavour profile is a result of the high salinity waters of Shark Bay, which impart a natural sweetness to the seafood, especially the prawns. This distinctive taste sets Sea Harvest apart, making their offerings a delightful treat for any seafood connoisseur.


Operating in the UNESCO World Heritage site of Shark Bay, Sea Harvest prides itself on a commitment to sustainability and conservation. This eco-systems approach to fishing ensures that their practices support not just the health of the marine environment but also the broader ecological balance.


General Manager Demetri Demosthenous said this dedication to a low carbon footprint and respect for the natural world is a core value of Sea Harvest, reflecting in their responsible and sustainable seafood production.


“Sea Harvest’s connection to the communities of Exmouth, Shark Bay, and Fremantle is more than just business. They engage deeply with these local areas, supporting both the economic and social fabric of rural towns,” said Demetri.


“This community-centric approach is seen in their involvement with local events and initiatives, fostering a sense of pride and belonging among residents.”


The success of Sea Harvest is not just in their seafood but also in their people. The management team at Sea Harvest operates more like a family, with many staff members, engineers, and fishing skippers having been part of the team for more than 20 years.


“This long-standing commitment is a testament to the company’s culture and environment. As one skipper eloquently put it, “If you love what you do, then it is not a real job!” said Demetri .


Since its establishment in 2015, Sea Harvest has experienced impressive growth. The company has expanded from a 700-ton prawn business to a 1,500-ton operation annually.


Their fleet has grown from 11 to 22 vessels, and they now export approximately 400 tons of prawns each year to over 10 countries. Despite this international expansion, Sea Harvest remains focused on supplying major local supermarkets and local foodservice channels, ensuring that Australians continue to enjoy their premium seafood.


At this year’s Gascoyne Food Festival, Sea Harvest will be showcasing their delectable seafood, allowing festival-goers to experience the unique flavours and quality that come from their commitment to sustainable fishing and community values. Don’t miss the opportunity to taste the exceptional seafood that is truly seasoned by the sea and to learn more about Sea Harvest’s remarkable journey and dedication to excellence.

Indulge in the finest seafood and celebrate with a company that is not just about great taste but also about making a positive impact on the environment and the communities they serve. Sea Harvest is not just a seafood producer; they are stewards of the sea and pillars of their community.

Read more about Sea Harvest via their website or come and taste the difference at the Gascoyne Food Festival!

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