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An Intimate Culinary Experience 'Around the Fire Pit'



We are excited to be welcoming the team from the Real Futures Training Café ‘Jardilunji Mia’, as part of the 2024 Gascoyne Food Festival for an intimate event ‘Around the Fire Pit’, on Friday 16 August at the Gwoonwardu Mia Aboriginal Heritage and Cultural Centre.


This special evening promises to be an unforgettable experience of bush tucker gourmet cuisine and storytelling beneath the sparkling night sky.

The talented students will be guided by renowned Western Australian chefs Paul 'Yoda' Iskov and Mark Attard in creating a menu that showcases the rich diversity of local and native ingredients. Their combined expertise and passion for culinary innovation ensure a relaxed yet exquisite dining experience, accompanied by refreshing mocktails.


Chef Paul 'Yoda' Iskov, celebrated for his deep connection to the land and his dedication to using native ingredients, shares his enthusiasm for the event:

"It is always great to get into the kitchen and cook with the Real Futures students at Gwoonwardu Mia. We spend time on country foraging for local native ingredients, process them in the café and incorporate them in a menu that reflects the region. I always look forward to getting back to the Gascoyne on Yinggarda country."


Mark Attard, a culinary expert known for his creativity and skill, will also bring his unique touch to the event, ensuring each dish is a celebration of the region's natural bounty.


"Around the Fire Pit" is more than just a meal; it's an immersive cultural experience. As you enjoy the gourmet bush tucker cuisine around the fire pit, you'll be captivated by stories that have been passed down through generations, enriching your appreciation for the land and its heritage.


The Gwoonwardu Mia Cultural Centre, with its welcoming environment and deep cultural significance, provides the perfect setting for this event. The fire pit, combined with the use of native ingredients, creates an authentic and memorable experience that celebrates the traditions and history of the local Indigenous communities.


Don't miss this opportunity to savour an evening of exceptional cuisine and cultural enrichment with two of Western Australia’s most respected chefs. Tickets for "Around the Fire Pit" are limited with only 50 available, so be sure to secure your place early for what promises to be a truly special night.


Follow the link below to buy your tickets!

Please note, this is an alcohol-free event.

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