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Catch a Taste with Chef Ben Ing at the Gascoyne Food Festival

The 2024 Gascoyne Food Festival's "Catch a Taste" free community event will feature the incredibly talented Chef Ben Ing at the Yacht Club on Saturday 17 August, for an unforgettable culinary experience, where he will be delivering a live cooking demonstration using produce from the Gascoyne Grower's Market.

The sundowner event will include live entertainment from M8 Mewsic, games and activities for kids, delicious food trucks featuring locally sourced produce, cocktails and more.

Meet Chef Ben Ing

Ben Ing is the Chef-Owner behind Alberta’s, a renowned creative kitchen nestled in the heart of Busselton/Undalup. Alberta’s is a testament to Ben's passion for seasonal, produce-driven cooking, great hospitality, creativity, and education.


The establishment is known for its workshops, cooking classes, private dining, and special events, all of which highlight Ben's innovative approach to cuisine.


Canadian-born Ben began his culinary career at just 17 years old in his hometown of Ottawa. His dedication and exceptional talent soon led him to the prestigious three Michelin star restaurant, Eleven Madison Park, in New York City.


Ben’s journey didn’t stop there. He later became the head chef at Noma in Copenhagen, Denmark, widely regarded as the best restaurant in the world. During his six-year tenure with Noma, he also worked in Japan, Australia, and Mexico, further honing his skills and expanding his culinary horizons.


Today, Ben channels his expertise into Alberta’s, where he focuses on cooking with hyper-seasonal produce and collaborates closely with local farmers and growers. His cooking style emphasises simplicity, high-quality ingredients, meticulous attention to detail, and, above all, deliciousness.


Chef Ben Ing in His Own Words


We had the pleasure of asking Ben a few questions about his culinary journey and philosophy:


Can you tell us about your background and how you became a chef?


"I decided to pursue a career in hospitality after cooking for a school BBQ fundraiser for my best friend Matt. I still remember cooking over 100 burgers, probably burning them, and navigating the smoke in my face. The memory of that experience and seeing my best friend and his family enjoying the meal stuck with me.


What or who inspired you to pursue a career in culinary arts?


"My first chef at a local fish and chip shop encouraged me to go to culinary school after seeing potential in me. My parents also fully supported my decision to become a chef.

Did you have any formal training, and where did you study?


"I received formal training at Algonquin College, School of Hospitality, in Ottawa, Canada.


What has been the most memorable moment of your culinary career so far?


"Leading the incredible team at Noma as head chef for four out of seven years has been the most memorable experience. It truly shaped my career.


What accomplishment are you most proud of?


"Opening and continuously developing Alberta’s with my partner Kirsty is something I’m extremely proud of.


How would you describe your cooking style?


"Hyper-seasonal. I like to let the ingredients and produce speak for themselves.


How do you incorporate sustainability and local sourcing in your cooking?


"I love working with local growers, producers, and artisans, using their pristine quality ingredients in my cooking. I also employ preservation techniques to minimize waste and make the most of excess produce.


Enjoy the "Catch a Taste" community event and experience the culinary genius of Chef Ben Ing firsthand. This is a free community event you won't want to miss!


Save the date: Saturday, 17 August. We look forward to seeing you there!

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