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Get ready to taste the 'Flavours of the Gascoyne'

2024 - Experience the exquisite tastes of Gascoyne at the 'Flavours of Gascoyne' event at Junction Pub & Tourist Park as part of the Gascoyne Food Festival, where you'll indulge in a delectable three-course meal crafted by the renowned local Chef Omo.

Omo began working in a hotel restaurant as a griller in his hometown of Lagos, Nigeria. 

The European chefs working at the hotel inspired him, but it was one chef in particular who advised Omo to pursue further growth in the culinary field by studying culinary arts.

Driven by this motivation, Omo relocated to South Africa and joined the South Africa Chef Academy, gaining experience in acclaimed restaurants. He gradually progressed in the culinary field, eventually assuming roles as a Sous Chef.

Omo took a leap of faith in 2018 by accepting a job opportunity in Australia. He began his journey in Perth and pursued an Advanced Diploma in Commercial Cookery. Later that year, Omo and his family relocated to Gascoyne Junction, where he assumed the role of head Chef at the Junction Pub & Tourist Park.


Omo has fond memories of being a member of acclaimed restaurant teams in Nigeria and South Africa. One standout experience was when the Gascoyne Junction Pub & Tourist Park became a finalist in the 2023 Grey Nomad awards for the best Pub Restaurant.

Omo always felt the pressure of ensuring that the meals were cooked to perfection.

"Working as a griller in my earlier career was challenging as it is such an important part of the kitchen.  You are responsible for getting meals delivered for guests perfectly. 

Omo’s cooking style is a fusion of his African heritage and the European culinary style that inspired him in his early days. 

Omo has lived more than seven years living in the Gascoyne region where he has incorporated the fresh and seasonal produce into his menu. 

As he prepares once again for the 'Flavours of the Gascoyne' event at Gascoyne Junction, Omo is again looking forward to presenting a special menu for the event – elevating his normal #junctionpubgrub to showcase his culinary skills with a menu inspired by Africa/European fusion using the flavours from the Gascoyne.

Don't miss your chance to experience this beautiful three-course meal. Tickets are on sale now.

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