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Keeping Connected: Getting to the Gascoyne with Rex Airlines

Updated: Jan 25

2021- It’s easier than ever to get yourself to the Gascoyne Food Festival with Rex Airlines flying into two key ports in the region on the daily.

Road-tripping to the Gascoyne region is, arguably, one of the most scenic and adventurous ways to get there. But, sometimes, a speedier solution is needed.

The premier regional airline in Australia, REX flies to over 60 destinations countrywide. Four of those destinations are right here within WA; Albany, Carnarvon, Esperance, and Monkey Mia. Departing from Perth, the airline services small ports in the Great Southern and Gascoyne regions, making them more accessible to travellers, especially those short on time.

With significantly less time spent on getting to the destination, it leaves visitors with ample time to discover what the two REX Airline serviced ports in the Gascoyne have to offer.


On the Gascoyne river delta 900km north of Perth, Carnarvon is a tropical oasis that’s known for its abundance of fresh produce. But, it’s more than just the fruit bowl of the state; it’s a fun, family-friendly town with plenty to do too. Head to the Gascoyne Aboriginal Heritage and Cultural Centre - Gwoonwardu Mia - to learn all about the people and land in and around Carnarvon, pop into the Carnarvon Space and Technology Museum so your aspiring astronauts can load up on inspiration (and play dress ups in a spacesuit), or head to the fascine for a spot of fishing or a picnic.

When the hunger starts to set in, make tracks for the Fruit Loop trail where you can pick up all manner of delicious product from plantations along the way. Grab a chocolate-coated frozen banana from Morels, some super-sized fresh produce from the roadside stall at Tiptons, and a silky smooth mango smoothie from Bumbaks. Don’t forget to stop in for a photo at the Insta-famous cactus garden along the way.

REX Airlines flies from Perth to Carnarvon twice daily from Monday to Friday, and once daily on Saturdays and Sundays.

Monkey Mia

Though it’s named after a furry, curly-tailed animal, there’s not a monkey to be seen in the quaint seaside resort town of Monkey Mia. But, don’t despair, animal encounters of other kinds abound.

Visitors flock to the shores of Monkey Mia every day, hoping to catch a glimpse of the friendly dolphin population that live in the area. Watch as they come swimming by, looking for their morning feed of fish from the park rangers. If you’re lucky, you might even get handed a fish to give to them yourselves but, whatever you do, don’t attempt to feed them otherwise.

Back on the grounds of the RAC Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort you’re bound to spot some resident emus wandering about. They’re inquisitive things with a taste for human food, so just make sure you stay still if they approach and don’t attempt to feed them anything.

While you’re in town, make the most of being beachside by hiring a SUP and paddling up towards the red dunes of Francois Peron National Park, and enjoy a sunset dinner at The Boughshed Restaurant.

Flights leave from Perth to Monkey Mia daily.

Bonus Destination: Albany

It’s some 1500km from the Gascoyne region, but with Liberté’s owner and head chef, Amy Hamilton, joining the stellar lineup of chefs at the Carnarvon long table dinner on August 6th 2021, it felt fitting to make mention of REX Airline’s southern route to the city of Albany.

On the King George Sound, the historic town of Albany was the first port of call for many settlers in the state and the last for many soldiers on their way to fight in WWI. Get to know the city and its ANZAC history on a stroll through the heritage heart of the CBD, and over a morning at the National ANZAC Centre. There’s even a whaling museum if you’re up for more history. For the nature-buffs, an afternoon exploring Albany’s beautiful coastline is on the cards. Start with a trip to Middleton beach before wondering at the fury of the Southern Ocean from the safety of the ‘the gap’ lookout. Just nearby, there’s blowholes and a natural bridge too.

End a busy day sampling your way through the goods at the Great Southern Distilling Co, or with a cold pint at Wilson Brewing Co.

Catch a flight from Perth to Albany any day of the week, with thrice-daily flights during the week and a slightly lesser schedule on Saturdays and Sundays.

Regional Express Airlines (Rex) are proud sponsors of the Gascoyne Food Festival:



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